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A gas station is kind of a wild place in a way.

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Can describes himself as a media artist. He was born in Germany to Turkish-Finnish parents. He spent his early childhood between Finland and Turkey, and his school years in Germany. His development was shaped by his father's gas station. He started making music in a youth club and later moved freely between different forms of media, places of life and situations. As a young man, he goes to New York, where he founds a record shop and record label. Here he also changes his name from Can to Khan, because Americans always pronounce Can John. Since 2002, Can has been living in Berlin. Instead of habit and comfort, he is mainly interested in changes of perspective.

The interview was conducted in English by Ramin Parvin. The German version was spoken by Can. Photos: Archive by Can, Audio editing: Ramin Parvin Transcript: Julia Michael, Happy Scribe

Can's story was performed by Can himself on 23 September 2021 as part of "10+1 Lebensgeschichten im Stadtraum" at Spor Klübü, Berlin-Wedding.

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