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Tell your story

Your story at Polyrama!

Would you like to tell your life story? Or do you know someone whose story should be told? Here we explain how it works.

What is Polyrama?

Polyrama is a museum that collects life stories on important life topics from people who currently live in Berlin.

How do we get to the stories?

To do this, we talk to many different people and record their stories as audio recordings. These recordings will be edited by us and presented to you again for approval. They will then be shared here at polyrama.de as well as on common audio platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc. They are then accessible to everyone.

Our current topic: Surviving in difficult times

How do people deal with difficult times? Where do they get the strength to carry on? This year, Polyrama, the museum for life stories, is turning to a topic that is relevant not only in view of the current challenges. Strokes of fate, unforeseen events and twists and turns have always shaped human experiences. But existing social orders also shape the experiences of entire groups.

But how do individuals deal with war, violence, racism, exclusion, lack of prospects, loss and illness? What keeps them going? Where do they get hope from? The project is divided into two strands of action: We talk to adults who have had to deal with very difficult circumstances in their lives and focus on carrying on and surviving. E.g. subway drivers with experience of fatal accidents, people with war experience including retired soldiers/officers, people with experience of flight, people with experience of depression, people who have lost close family members to suicide, people in difficult working conditions, people who have been cast out from their family people who care for close relatives or who have been victims of serious reputational damage, etc. As part of a youth project that is supported by “Museum Macht Stark”   and the Cultural Education Project Fund, young people talk to young people about loneliness, fear, fake friends, Pressure and other experiences.

The collected stories are all incorporated into our online archive, are “preserved”, indexed and made available for research purposes in the future. Selected stories serve as the basis for the development of an exhibition that enables the sources of hope and strength to be experienced spatially and sensually in immersive, walk-in room installations with sound and video collages, virtual and augmented reality. The inclusive, barrier-free installations are developed and implemented in collaboration with selected story owners and artists, programmers and virtual reality artists with and without disabilities.

Share your story and let others learn from your experiences and broaden their perspectives. There will only be a collection of life stories if many people take part.

Questions & appointments

Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment? Write us an email or send a video message to: info@polyrama.de