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Zwischen den Welten

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Swantje is a 34-year-old native of Berlin. As a child with hearing loss, she grew up in a hearing family. She attends regular school and studies rehabilitation education. In the interview she tells us about the hurdles that a hearing world has in store for her and how she deals with them. Today, Swantje advises cultural institutions on inclusion issues on a part-time basis and leads a social life between the hearing and deaf worlds.

The interview with Swantje was conducted by Anna Chrusciel, photos: Swantje archive, audio editing: Ramin Parvin, transcript: Julia Michael, Happy Scribe

10 + 1 life stories in urban space

The story of Swantje was performed live by Pinky Aiello on September 26th, 2021 as a CL-Visual Pefrormance on the Monbijou Bridge in Berlin-Mitte. Further information on performance can be found here.

Camera documentation: Julia Grüßing, Ainize Sarasola, editing: Julia Grüßing, subtitles: Lebendige Gebärden e.V.

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