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Project: polyrama@school

Which life stories intersect in a school?
What experiences shape everyday school life?
What stories do students tell about school, the people and their experiences?

In the polyrama@school project, we approach the life stories of people around the school experience. Since September 11th we have been working together with the students in grade 10 at the Peter Ustinov School.

The starting point and center of the project are the life stories and life experiences of the young people involved, which they gradually explore using artistic formats but also in discussions with artists and mediators.

Perceiving one's own experiences as valuable and one's own experience as legitimate but also conditional and structurally dependent can be strengthening and empowering in exchange and contribute to a greater understanding of each other.

For the sharing of life stories and different realities of life, a trusting narrative space should be created that takes the needs and topic wishes of the students into account. Methodologically, we work with exercises that promote active telling and listening, interviews and storytelling.

In the second phase of the project, experienced artists open up further storytelling opportunities for young people by experimenting with different media and artistic methods. Whether recording a podcast, making films or biographical work with dance - the students can tell, make tangible and document their stories in very different ways.

At the end of the project, there is the opportunity to present the results at the open day in January, if the authors wish. A project can also be completed within the confines of a familiar group, without any pressure to present.

Polyrama@school is an invitation to experiment with the productions and representations of one's own self and to explore oneself and others.

Contributing artists:
Ani Mrelashvili, Charlotte Seebeck, Frank Joung, John Kolya Reichart, Ramin Parvin, Raphael Moussa Hillebrand, Fred Gehrig

Contact: schule@polyrama.de

Funded by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung