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Ich wollte nicht, dass mein Sohn zum Blindenhund wird

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Her name Silja comes from Cecilie, the patroness of the blind, and was given to her by her mother because she found it so beautiful - not knowing how much the meaning would later be connected to her daughter's fate. At the age of 12, Silja goes blind and has to reorient herself in life. With great support from her social environment, hard work and willpower, Silja follows her interests and gets a training position as a teacher. On this path and afterwards, she has to overcome many hurdles and challenges. Today Silja is 55 years old and the mother of an adult son. She is professionally and socially committed, works as an educator, as a consultant for inclusion issues and is also very active artistically.

The interview was conducted by Anna Chrusciel, photos: archive by Silja Korn, audio editing: Ramin Parvin, transcript: Julia Michael, Happy Scribe.

Silja's story will be carried out on September 26, 2021 as part of “10+1 Life Stories in Urban Space” as a participatory audio walk by Lotti Seebeck with the participation of Silja herself in Berlin-Neukölln.

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