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"ZuHause" is an online exhibition of creative participatory art practice by women with migration experience who live in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

It consisted of an online workshop with six participants that dealt with homesickness, migration, identity, the need for connection, groundedness, and discomfort and translated it into an image or a video.

The project, mentored by BarLin part of ReteDonne e.V., enabled emotional and artistic processing of feeling at home in the district.

The idea of meeting and exchanging ideas on the topic “what/where is my home?” has been the starting point of our practice. We looked beyond the architectural structures of the houses themselves into the feelings, practices, and relationships within familiar spaces which give to a person a powerful sense of belonging.

The participants* explored freely the topic and developed it visually through moving images.

Each storytelling brought up a new perception of the district and the stories all together reshaped the geographic area emotionally.

BarLin reinterpreted the woman* contributions on a Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district map using a different scale, not related to cartography, but the personal home-feeling of each participant*.

Ultimately the map became the space of dialogue where we, the participants*, the artist duo, and the audience, encounter and surprise each other.


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Talia Levy

This work expresses my idea of home through the repetition of a certain action in a way that it becomes a ceremony, even the smallest one like having bread together at home from our favorite bakery down the street. The feeling of warmth and closeness becomes my sun, my nature, waves from one home to another.

Justyna Wieczorkowska

"There is this bench close to my apartment.

I go and sit there every day.

I listen to the birds singing, I play the ducks in the water, I observe the seasons changing, and I laugh.

(Because) It feels like home."

Alexandra Vetter

My audiovisual answer, to the question that I have been asked very often since I became a migrant at 15, and I’ve never stopped being one. "Where are you from?"

Pooja Ghosh

The roads around my home lead everywhere all at once but I'm unable to cut through their chaos.

But the maze of houses are like lighthouses- warm, stable and responsive. In their presence, I always find new paths.